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Rock your Logistics with Advanced Operations

The world of Logistics is big and there are a lot of challenges in implementing a software to support those processes. Since the very beginning, Odoo has always approached it in a very nice and innovative manner. This talk is made for people from retail, e-commerce and assembly industries or anyone eager to know how far Odoo can go. We expect the audience to know about Logistics and Warehousing main concepts. During this talk we will get an overview of advanced features to handle complex warehouses setup using the Open Source OCA WMS & Logistics modules. Using a real case scenario, we will go through a complete incoming-stock-outgoing process together and highlight how those features apply in real life: - Multi storage type, storage strategies and constraints - Stock allocation rules, internal operation split by zones - Guide operators through multi-stage material flows and hand-held devices - Automate replenishment via a self-learning DDMRP driven set-up - Interconnection of automatic & manual storage systems

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