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Inventory #OdooWebinar - AMA

Join us for a live #OdooWebinar AMA (Ask Me Anything) regarding Odoo Inventory! Time stamps with questions follow below: ↓↓↓ Click "SHOW MORE" ↓↓↓ ================== 00:35 - Does Odoo handle dropship without needing to bring inventory into stock? 07:41 - What support is there for returning items to a vendor if they have issues? 11:15 - How can one get a report on specific times to get stock on hand, unit price, and total inventory cost? 13:20 - Can I get set different "standard" cost for products in different locations? 14:37 - ​Which is the best way to manage inventory for sheets, rolls, etc. where the materials are cut in die cutter and the rest of the unused material also go back to inventory? 15:31 - Do you recommend setting up multiple warehouses for example we're a dealer and we have multiple suppliers, but sometimes instead of waiting for them to ship to us, we go to their warehouses directly? 16:30 - ​Can we log inventory that is not purchased through Odoo? 17:51 - ​Do you have recipe in restaurant module that affects inventory when a menu item sold? 20:21 - ​create a make to order route (sales order line) so that we could create a route depending on the stock availability, some stocks from our warehouse, some stocks from supplier 21:21 - ​What's the best way for transferring large amount of products with lot numbers between warehouses using the barcode app? 22:21 - ​What is the best way to create a product that has a variant, but that variant requires extra parts? Like a BOM. Let's say you have Product A and it has a BOM with 5 parts. Then you have Product B which has the same parts but it needs 2 extra parts. 25:12 - How to transfer products with lot numbers between warehouses using the barcode app? 25:30 - How to affect Analytic Accounts on Inventory Value when doing internal transfers? 26:20 - ​My purchase order to a specific vendor will have multiple drop ships to different locations over different time periods. Is this also supported? 28:02 - How does one distribute components from warehouse to workstations? 30:07 - How to track empty/filled stock for sales of gas containers that get replaced with empty containers from customers? 32:42 - Is there a way to show inventory per customer in the customer portal? If not, what is the best way to go about building this out? Is it on the roadmap to add it? 33:52 - ​How i can show product packaging in pos as a product? 34:09 - why do the product categories put the interim accounts by default even though it is configured at manual? 37:09 - ​I see part numbers appended to product names. Is that the best way to handle part numbers? 39:15 - Will the product purchase price change on the product form after every purchase from same vendor? 41:54 - Is there a way to automatically produce that unit to a certain stock location? 43:46 - ​Can you show me inventory valuation report by location wise? 44:26 - ​Can you have a product get automatically moved to a bin/location rather than WH/STOCK ​when purchased? To find Putaway Strategies in OEv12: Inventory→Configuration→under Warehouse→enable Multi-Step→then Set Putaway 45:34 - How to issue material which is consumed during a depot repair 46:17 - I sell a cone and a cup. The cone contains 2 scoops, cup contains 3 scoops. When I sell a cone it should reduce 2 scoops from scoops product and when I sell a cup it reduces 3. How can I connect to scoop with cup and cone? 49:45 - ​I have a car retail store. How would I categorized my inventory items? For Example: I have a car brand Audi, different types of models A3, A4. Can you show me how to categorize these in inventory? 51:05 - ​Does warehouse have a forecast to which item we need to buy in the next 2/3 months based on our usage? 53:18 - How to track fixed assets in inventory For more information visit: Want a customized demo? Schedule one for free! US/CA: LatAm: Europe: India: Asia/Pacific: Middle East/North Africa:

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