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Odoo 15 Analytic Accounting | Odoo 15 Accounting | Odoo 15 Enterprise Edition

Analytic accounting is used by companies for the purpose of analyzing the costs of the business, analyzing the performance of a project, and re-invoice time to a customer. #odoo15accounting They can be used to analyze that the funds of the company are spent properly and retained. Odoo’s analytic accounts and tags do not interfere with the other aspects or chart of accounts. #odoo15videos The aspects of analytical accounting can be enabled from the Settings option of Accounting’s Configuration tab. By enabling the Analytic Accounting option you can track the costs and revenues by project, department, etc. #odoo15enterprise The Analytic Tags allow you to tag the analytic entries and also at the same time help to manage the analytic distributions. Connect With Us: ➡️Website: ➡️Email: [email protected] ➡️Twitter: ➡️LinkedIn: ➡️Facebook: ➡️Instagram: ➡️Pinterest:

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