Odoo ERP Software

We provide Business Consulting, ERP Implementation, Customization, Training, and Upgrades. ERP System from Belgium and providing End-to-End stop ERP Solutions - Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Fleet Management System, Manufacturing, POS, and many other modules.

ERP software can improve productivity, increase efficiency, reduce cost & paper & errors, faster processing time, access the right authority, data analysis, improve communication, be convenient for the users, delivers a competitive advantage, risk mitigation, security & disaster recovery, better customer service and most important of all, happier organization.


B2B Retail Mobile App (IOS/Android)

Product, pricelist, promotion and payment integration with ERP system. B2B retail app can help to boost your business in all the ways and allows you to sell your products through beautiful online shop pages and also can make a purchase within a few click. B2B retail app fully integrated with payment methods that allow customers to pay MPU, Visa, Master, K pay, CB pay, AYA pay and other payment systems. 

  • Customer Registration (New & Existing customer)
  • Product displays (Product searching, categories and navigation)
  • Promotions
  • Slides & Banner display
  • Customer sales order and invoice and check the status
  • Credit Application
  • Point System
  • Payment (COD), Payment integration
  • Integration with e-Commerce and ERP
  • OTP for verification
  • Re-order and wallet and others.....

HR Mobile App (IOS/Android)

Comprehensive HRM solution, directly contributing to organization effectiveness. With efficient management of the employees, you will be able to attain smoother operation and a well-crafted structure for your business.

  • Recruitment
  • Employee & Contract
  • Attendance
  • OT Request & Responses
  • Leave Request & Approve
  • Employee changes
  • Working Schedule
  • Salary structure & rules
  • Payroll (By Batch/ By Individual)
  • Performance management system / Appraisal
  • Announcement
  • Training
  • Insurance
  • Loan and others.......

DMS & Tablet Sales

Distribution Management System and Tablet Sales system for Myanmar Localized distribution companies and Android Tablet functions for Van Sales 

  • Products
  • Promotions
  • Stock Request
  • Stock Exchange
  • Direct sales invoice
  • Route Plan
  • Visit Record
  • Pending Delivery

Ecommerce Website

Online Sales & Website management tool


  • Professional Theme support
  • Mobile Friendly design
  • Live Chat support
  • Integrating with sales, events, and blog


  • Online editing
  • Cross-selling and upselling
  • Customer onboarding
  • Payment gateway integration support

    Our Business Solutions

                                            Point of Sale

                                            Set up in minutes, sell in seconds. 
                                            Compatible with any device.

                                            • Loyalty Programs
                                            • Integrated payment with Visa, Master, MPU, and other payment systems
                                            • Direct invoicing
                                            • Online or offline
                                            • Coupons and promotional program

                                            Accounting & Finance

                                            Create a Business Intelligence report in a minute!

                                            • Profit & Lost
                                            • Cash Flow
                                            • Executive Summary
                                            • Aged payables/ receivables
                                            • Manage bills and expenses
                                            • Easy Reconciliation
                                            • Multi-currency support
                                            • Legal statements
                                            • Analytic Accounting

                                            Warehouse Management

                                            Better organize your warehouse with the smart inventory system. Improve performance and process time...

                                            • Multi-warehouse
                                            • Multiple locations
                                            • Put-away and removal strategies
                                            • Inventory valuation
                                            • Landed Costs
                                            • Multiple barcodes
                                            • Multiple units of measures

                                            Work Flow System (Approval)

                                            Business Process Management system for an enterprise company and approval process flow and integrated with reports and ERP

                                            • Travel approval request
                                            • Office supplies payment 
                                            • Expenses approval request
                                            • Various approval request
                                            • Validated
                                            • Declined

                                            Warehouse Mobile APP 

                                            Our Warehouse system connect ODOO ERP and Mobile

                                            We also provide AWS Cloud, IT Hardware sale and service. Our product and brand supports are HP, DELL, HITACHI, Lenovo, Sunmi, Intel, Citrix, Zebra Technologies, Polyco, Seagate, Pioneer Touch, Nimble storage and Microsoft.

                                            Our Services for Hospitality Sector

                                            Oracle Hospitality - Opera PMS

                                            We are giving professional services, full implementation services and annual maintenance supports with excellent standardizations to the hotel properties during these years.


                                            Hospitality - Micros Point of Sales

                                            We are also giving the implementation services not only for software but also for hardware for all restaurants, bars, and hotel F & B outlets.

                                            Infor - SunSystems

                                            We are selling the licenses of Infor SunSystems as only one authorized distributor in Asia Pacific region for hotel back-office.

                                            Our Hardware Clients