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Accounting #OdooWebinar - AMA

Join us for a live #OdooWebinar AMA (Ask Me Anything) regarding Odoo Accounting! Time stamps with questions follow below: ↓↓↓ Click "SHOW MORE" ↓↓↓ ================== 02:21 - ​How can I setup Odoo to do WIP Accounting? 09:59 - ​How can I set up company budgets? 16:15 - ​How do you set up Credit Cards (for paying vendors) on your accounting dashboard? 22:40 - If someone accidentally registers a payment, and let's say the date is wrong, or the wrong amount was registered,​ once validated is there a way to cancel the payment that was applied to the client's account without it reflecting in the batch or the clients account as a full payment? 25:23 - How can I consolidate multi-Company with defendant currency? 29:35 - ​Can I download Amex transactions from our corporate account? 30:24 - ​How do you format the printing of checks? 31:00 - ​On the budget, is there a way to include sales that have not yet been invoiced? 34:01 - ​How do you run monthly budget reports? 34:53 - Can you import previous bank statements if you can only download as pdf from bank? 35:57 - ​How to manage accrual basis expenses 39:12 - What do you suggest for day opening and closing funds operations? 41:43 - ​How to check invoice analysis for different currencies invoiced in a single currency to check how many invoices were created in total 45:03 - How can you check how much money and checks you have at the opening of the day, and how much during closure? 47:50 - Do you recommend recording cc transactions immediately to the bank journal or creating an intermediary journal to hold the transaction until it clears? 54:10 - Is there a way to show the value of a specific warehouse (if I have multiple warehouses)? 56:09 - Can odoo accommodate 100% depreciation in the same year? Our physical assets are minimal and we write them all off in the same year. For more information visit: Want a customized demo? Schedule one for free! US/CA: LatAm: Europe: India: Asia/Pacific: Middle East/North Africa:

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