About us

7th Computing Co.,Ltd was founded in August 2013. Since then started delivering high quality Web/Software development, Training and Consultancy services across a wide range of technologies especially J2EE and other latest web technologies.

We convey the ultimate quality of Enterprise Software in collaboration with SG and along with International and local IT Experts, we focus on to meet and fulfill customer needs with reasonable local-price with global standard.

Our Specialization

7th Computing Co.,Ltd is an industry-leading specialist in Odoo ERP Software. We are Odoo Partner standing par excellence in Odoo Implementation, Customization and allied services.

At 7th Computing, our team has worked for some of the big challenging projects for both public and private sectors. Demand for our products are growing due to our broad coverage of technologies and ability to create effective and efficient solutions within the tight deadlines. 

Our Competencies


AWS,Digital Ocean,Linux,Ubuntu,Nginx,Firebase,Microsoft,Azure,MySQL,PostgreSQL, and more ...

U Phyo Min Zaw

Managing Director (7thcomputing Co., Ltd, Infotel Myanmar Co., Ltd)

He is graduated from the University of Nottingham Malaysia and National University Singapore. 

He is starting for developer, Architet and director levels on overseas companies such as PSA, IBM and Moody's Analytic in Singapore and over 15 years of software development experiences with different technologies and integration experiences and provided services for multi-national companies such as Singapore Airlines, Banking such as UOB, DBS, AIG.

ERP and software solution provider for leading Myanmar business corporation and enterprises and Hospitality. Having intensive knowledge for CLOUD, Infrastructures and Mobile and Digital Transformation, such as ERP, e-Commerce and IOT technologies.